“An Escapist Endeavor”

Fine Dining in Denver by Photographic Artist Richard Clark

Recently, I came across a fascinating article, by Maximiliano Duron.  It gives many thoughtful suggestions as to why, after what the world has endured during the early spring to the present, many have turned to collecting Art.  Duron calls upon Mark Oldman, a wine expert turned Art Collector.

Trust by Artist Chris Johnson

We have had to Shelter in Place, often making our homes, schools, and offices the same location.  Under the same roof.   We see the Same walls each day.  We see the same images each day.   Enter the internet as the key to our passage for escape.

Creative Muses
Creative Muses by Chris Johnson

I’ve spoken with many new collectors over the last few months, and some who have always been Art Collectors.  The newer collectors were seeking a new “window” of inspiration.  With so little in one’s control, the ability to breathe new life into different areas of the home released  imprisoned and impassioned souls.

The Blind
The Blind by Artist Pamela Wolff
RosaMaria by Artist Roberto Gauna

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When the Pandemic Forced the Art World Online, Some People Began Collecting—Or Returned to It

I’ve also included in this blog my own opinions and observations.

You will note please,  in the end of the article, the phrase “An Escapist Endeavor” seems to fit this unusual trend!


2020 and the World of Art





The World of Art in 2020

The Creation of Art, throughout Millions of years has preserved the sanity of not only the artists but those viewing the sanity upon the canvas or the insanity that the viewer has experienced.    Those who create are compelled, by vision, visual interactions, a face with a wisp of hair out of place, may it be a lovely lady walking across the street, or an old street man with one swaft of hair dancing across his wrinkled , worn face.   To an artist, it’s no different.

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Art, in every form, soothes the Soul. Thank Goodness for Artists!

“You are My Sunshine “, by Photographic Artist Richard Clark

Just prior to this horrible Pandemic, we began our Art Gallery remodel at Sonya’s Art Gallery on Historic Route 66.  All in all, the remodel is complete.  We now wait for a curative for this virus, to release all the human race to freedom and human interaction.

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Gallery Reinvented

Garden of Dreams

“Garden of Dreams”, by Martin Sauer


We began a remodeling project approximately one month ago.  And with that, a business remodel , as well.

The Gallery has been a Work in Progress and a labor of love.  A lot of labor for Jay, and I love how it’s looking!
Jay Working
So very many have been supportive:  artists, spouses, neighbors, friends, customers who didn’t mind a little mess, and more, they have all been been a factor in  the foreseeable success of this new journey.  By donations, advice, time, labor, supplies, food, cheering on, “how’s it going?” messages, …Everyone has Participated!

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Realtors, Decorators, and House Stagers!

New Mexico Morning

Realtors, Decorators, and House Stagers, Sonya’s is an untapped resource for your Art needs.  We have 24 local Artists whose work could dramatically increase the opportunity for a quick sale on your house.

Empty houses take longer to sell than furnished, occupied, or staged houses.  Vacant houses sold for 6% less than occupied houses and stayed on the market longer according to a study from the Appraisal Institute.

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