Cynthia Hogsett

La Jean, Cynthia Hogsett

Cynthia Hogsett, better known by her signature, “La Jean”, on her Art, was born in the Texas Panhandle.  She moved away for a time and returned in the 1980’s.  La Jean’s earliest medium were crayons, and she is self taught  and greatly influenced early on by Jon Gnagy. 

An acrylic artist, she is a perpetual learner and seeks to improve the emotion in the eyes of her subjects and movement representation in her landscapes. 

“Trees often grow bent towards the North in the Texas Panhandle due to our frequent Southern winds.  I’d like to capture that movement in my paintings.”

“Several Mission trips have given me great inspiration.  Australia in 1999, Kenya in 2013, and 3 later separate trips to Hungary, made me more appreciative of my Blessings.  The impact of seeing such life in these places will always be memorable.  In Hungary particularly, beautiful flowers were everywhere in a phenomenal array of colors” 

“ I paint more from memory, and head, and heart”

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