Gallery Reinvented

Garden of Dreams

“Garden of Dreams”, by Martin Sauer


We began a remodeling project approximately one month ago.  And with that, a business remodel , as well.

The Gallery has been a Work in Progress and a labor of love.  A lot of labor for Jay, and I love how it’s looking!
Jay Working
So very many have been supportive:  artists, spouses, neighbors, friends, customers who didn’t mind a little mess, and more, they have all been been a factor in  the foreseeable success of this new journey.  By donations, advice, time, labor, supplies, food, cheering on, “how’s it going?” messages, …Everyone has Participated!




Rich and Jay

We Thank You!   We Appreciate You!   We Love You! 
We could not have begun this adventure without this Wonderful Family with whom we have been so blessed!


And more new friends~family are joining weekly!
Mary Solomon

Mary Solomon

Nelda Smith

Nelda Smith

Leona Beddow

Leona Beddow

We have more surprises ahead, a few more hurdles, and a great deal of joy in our future!


Keep checking on our progress.  Keep checking the Announcements of artists newly embraced into this family. Keep checking the new art created by our earliest artists to Sonya’s.

One day soon, when the All Clear on the Horizons is shouted from the rooftops, we will begin our gatherings to be enjoyed by artists and those who love and support the arts.