Big Things are Happening! Y’all Come See!

In the last post, we mentioned that the gallery was growing. Today, it’s time to show you a little bit more of what you’re missing if you haven’t come by. Sonya’s on Historic Route 66 recently.More Wall Space!

We’ve added more space for artwork. Two new free-standing display walls have been added and there are more to come. We love showing the work of talented artists and we want more! This is just the beginning of the work we’re doing to bring more local art our customers.

More Local Artists!

Sonya's Gallery on Historic Rt 66

Amarillo and the surrounding area are home to an incredible number of talented creatives. We’re thrilled to say that many of these brilliant artists are finding a foster home for their creations here with us. It’s a real pleasure to show their work to our local clientele and the Route 66 travelers that stop by.

Here are a few names our local and regional people might recognize:

Sarah Lucas (The Peace Pour)
Norman Wade Photography
Larry Pagett Photography
Diana Penn Artography
Roberto Gauna
Israel Guajardo
Jim Campbell
Joe Vasquez

The response from these amazing artists has been awesome and more have reserved space, so there will be even more to see very soon! Watch for our announcements here and on our Facebook page.

Photography by Norman Wade

More Cool Promotions

There’s much more in store for our artists and our clients! We’ll be rolling out a Featured Artist plan and of course, we’ll have a selection of work from each of our artists available to purchase online.

Come on in and See!

Photography by Larry Pagett

The artwork is coming in faster than we can keep up with on the blog, but we’ll post updated pictures soon. Meanwhile, come on down to Sonya’s and take a look at what’s available now. If you’re a local or regional artist, drop by and see if we have space available for your work!

See y’all there!