Art, in every form, soothes the Soul. Thank Goodness for Artists!

“You are My Sunshine “, by Photographic Artist Richard Clark

Just prior to this horrible Pandemic, we began our Art Gallery remodel at Sonya’s Art Gallery on Historic Route 66.  All in all, the remodel is complete.  We now wait for a curative for this virus, to release all the human race to freedom and human interaction.


I cherish our wonderful times together at the Art Gallery in the past, having deep discussions regarding Art.  And those times we spent together not discussing Art, but simply laughing heartily and shamelessly !


Impromptu Saturday Salon at Sonya’s

After party

With our friends and artists, who is to say what the “new normal” will be.  Especially when we’ve never been quite certain of what the old normal was, other than spontaneous, predictably enjoyable times together.


Hopefully, by sharing a few photos of these great times, the  remaining time apart will feel short until we can enjoy future great times.

And may we be on the last leg of this Odyssey, landing ashore, with a greater appreciation of one another and a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.