A Thank You Card to Supporters of the Arts!

Life changing Events in our community, especially in this community, always prove the generosity and compassion that IS Amarillo!

Changes that occurred at “Arts in the Sunset”, left over 40 Local Artists displaced.   They were shocked and suddenly in dire need to re-evaluate their futures as artists….

(Opening image: S’More American Gothic by Karen Herpich)

Would they find new studios?  Would they find new places to exhibit?  Would they lose touch with their friends and neighbors from “Arts in the Sunset”?  Would they just give up?

A ripple effect took place.  Many businesses, not just Galleries, opened new space for Art and Artists.  New organizations have been formed to assist all Arts in Amarillo.  Many Individuals, businesses, and galleries have been strong supporters of the Arts in Amarillo and points beyond for years.

I would like to commend at least a few of the many for their efforts now and in the past.  Please click the underlined links below for more information.

Bob Lile is an Artist, Gallery Owner, Route 66 Historian and tour Guide,  and so much more.  He has been an avid, active supporter of the Arts in Amarillo since 1968.  Bob is a familiar face at most every Art event in Amarillo and beyond.  Be sure to visit Bob and his Ambassador Lady Lile  At Lile Art Gallery.

Several Artists have relocated to Las Tiendas.  Please visit the shops and studios now located there!

Barnes Jewelry has opened gallery exhibit space for many of those artists displaced.   Barnes will be continuing the tradition of the First Friday Art Walk, beginning Friday, September 6, at 5pm.

Marilyn J. Spring, at Front Porch Frog, exhibits and sells local Art and Locally made Jewelry.  Marilyn designs, creates, and makes beautiful home decor.  Visit Marilyn soon!


UPDATE:  11-8-19


The Gallery on 7th has begun a great expansion project and will be able to accommodate more local artists to exhibit and sell their works.  Until the expansion is complete, Renea Dauntes and Brandon Oliver will steadily continue the Art Shows and Craft Shows happening at the current location on 7th.  Please attend the Final Friday Event August 30th, at 5:30.

Renea’s big News, is “The New Space” (the name of the new gallery).  She is tirelessly working to ready the 1900 SW 6th Avenue location to make  ~New Space~ for more artists.  If you would like to speak to Renea regarding exhibiting your Art with her, please contact her at (806) 549-6248.


We , at Sonya’s   are so very pleased to have the Creatives that have joined us from The Arts in the Sunset!  Janette Swalley Dickerson, Karen Herpich, David Corbin, Chris Johnson, Michael Longhofer, And Ken Wampler.

Please visit these locations.  Buy some Art and Support our Local Artists and Artisans.  Buy some Art and support local businesses that support our Arts and our Community!!!

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    1. Thank you Mary, for reading and following the blogs. I’m glad this was helpful. If you follow us on Facebook, we try to post opportunities in Amarillo and neighboring communities for artists to show and sell their Works. Please come by and visit sometime. If anyone reading this reply has an opportunity available for Mary to exhibit her Art, please contact her or Sonyas’s and we will make sure she receives this information! On FACEBOOK: sonyasonroute66. Thank you again, Mary!

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