William Willoughby

William Willoughby and Arline Willoughby

My name is William Willoughby, but most folks call me Billy. I was born in Lafayette, Alabama and raised around those parts.  My dad passed away when I was really young, so I was brought up by my mom.  I grew up running the woods and fields and fell in love with the outdoors from an early age.

As I grew up, I became involved with the rodeo circuit and cowboying, so that was my life for many years.   Later on, I moved out to Texas went to work drilling; however, I never left those roots of rodeos and cowboying behind.  Those days were inspiring, so most of my art centers around that part of my life.  I love to draw horses and anything western or rodeo related.

I started out with just pencil and paper, and realized, I really enjoyed it.  I’m still learning something new everyday.  I just can’t seem to quit working on a piece until it’s no longer in my hands.  My wife,  Arline,  is very supportive of my art.  If you ask me, she’s a little biased.  I hope you enjoy my work!