Martin Sauer


Martin Sauer

I was born and raised in post-war Detroit when she was a brash city of industry with an identity all her own: the Motor City. At my mother’s insistence I was exposed to the fine and performing arts from a very young age and I was constantly painting and drawing. I can remember setting up still-life’s in my room, with a Kodak Brownie at age 9 while recovering from polio; a sign of things to come.

On a family vacation in 1960, I was introduced to the western states of the USA.  This began my fascination with the vast horizons of the High Plains and the Great American Desert. Nine years later I returned to live in Boulder, Colorado, where I married and raised two children. I owned a health food store in Denver until 1982 while teaching myself photography, a hobby I had begun in earnest in 1970.

In 1982 the passion became a profession. I became a full time free-lance corporate/industrial, product illustration and photojournalism photographer in Denver, just in time for the bust of the oil energy boom of 1984. I returned to college in 1986 to follow another dream I’d had since I was an adolescent. I earned a master’s degree in counseling in 1989. I have been a child and family counselor in Colorado and Nebraska since 1990 and, finally, in Texas since 1997. I continue to maintain a full-time private practice Amarillo, Texas, treating hundreds of children and families since 2000.

The stressors of cut-throat commercial photography and then entering a new vocation led me to set aside photography for nearly 20 years until purchased my first digital camera in 2006. It was a simple point-and-shoot but the freedom that digital photography gave me to interpret what I see rekindled the love of the photographic process I felt back in the 70’s. I specialize in landscapes and flowers … from the macro to the micro.  And whatever else catches my eye.  The learning never ends!

My landscape work is characterized by strong color and composition. While many find the High Plains featureless and plain, I am fascinated by the quality of light, the massive skies, and the ruggedness of the terrain.  This is not a land for sissies! 

My flowers often contain a small creature going about its business in an intriguing mass of movement, color, and texture. Some take on a bold impressionist quality, others are humble black and white.  Each flower is tiny world unto itself, and I’ve developed a deep respect for their inhabitants who’ve occupied this planet long before us.


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