Jordan Thornton

Jordan Thornton

Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas with family in Tennessee and Michigan.  Grew up with an older sister and brother with our mom.

I have always been interested in painting and genuinely love the different styles and techniques of mediums used. I like to think I am self-taught, but my grandmother and father have incredible talent as well, so perhaps I am just a branch off the old tree.  In my early 20’s, started out blending colors, backgrounds and defining fine lines.

When I was able to create a large enough space for myself, I expanded my materials and finally got to work!

Over the years, I have really developed my own style.  I specialize in acrylic, but recently discovered many possibilities with the iridescent, glittery and opal effects and have flown to a whole different planet!  I would describe my style as whimsical, colorfully unusual, eccentric and sometimes unconventional.  Creating these pieces has become my escape from the mundane and I hope you enjoy the escape as well.


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