Jackie Voit

Jackie Voit


My name is Jacqueline Voit, and I am a resin and mixed media artist. I was born in Hereford, Texas in 1964, and grew up in the Texas panhandle, first in Hereford, then in Texline. I have lived and worked in Amarillo now since 2010. Throughout my life, I have always had a desire to capture the beauty of the world around me through art, and always searching for new art mediums to do so.

Oddly enough, I am also a big geology fan. I love rocks! I love learning about different stones, crystals and gems, how they form, their uses and the legends about them. A lot of my work is inspired by stone, and I love the challenge of trying to recreate the look of nature in my work.

One of my desires as an artist is to create art pieces that bring joy to others. I sold my first bigpiece of resin and crystal art at a local market in 2020.  The young lady had spotted it across the room and hurried over to look at it.  As I wrapped it up for her, she was absolutely beaming with joy! The elation I felt at being able to make someone else that happy is what drives me forward in my career as an artist.


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